Product Description

Available Colors

  • Tan
  • Black


  • Constructed of hardwood solid and Acacia veneer
  • Includes wood support slats for bedding and wood support leg(s) with a built-in leveler attached to each slat

Available Pieces 

(Offers Panel and Poster)

  • Full Bed
  • Queen Bed
  • King Bed
  • California King Bed
  • 5 Drawer Chest
  • Leg Nightstand
  • Lingerie Chest
  • Media Chest
  • 6 Drawer Dresser
  • Landscape Mirror
  • 3 Drawer Nightstand
  • Wood Top Leg Nightstand

Additional Information

Five Drawer Chest

40.00″W X 18.00″D X 56.00″H

Leg Nightstand

28.00″W X 20.00″D X 29.50″H

Lingerie Chest

32.00″W X 18.00″D X 56.00″H

Media Chest

55.00″W X 19.00″D X 36.00″H

Full/Queen Curved Panel Headboard

65.25″W X 03.25″D X 62.00″H

Queen Curved Panel Footboard

65.25″W X 02.50″D X 22.00″H

King/California King Curved Panel Headboard

81.25″W X 03.25″D X 64.00″H

King/California King Curved Panel Footboard

81.25″W X 02.50″D X 22.00″H

Full/Queen Upholstered Poster Headboard

64.25″W X 05.25″D X 77.50″H

Queen Poster Footboard

64.75″W X 05.25″D X 77.50″H

Queen/King Bed Rails

81.00″W X 00.75″D X 08.00″H

King/California King Upholstered Poster Headboard

80.25″W X 05.25″D X 77.50″H

King/California King Poster Footboard

80.75″W X 05.25″D X 77.50″H

California King Bed Rails

85.00″W X 02.75″D X 08.00″H

Six Drawer Dresser

68.00″W X 19.00″D X 38.00″H

Landscape Mirror

42.00″W X 01.50″D X 38.00″H

Three Drawer Nightstand

32.00″W X 18.00″D X 29.75″H

Wood Top Leg Nightstand

28.00″W X 20.00″D X 29.50″H

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